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Conviction politicians, Galaxy S4 display shootout, war on terror affects women and children

Snippets: 27 April 2013

Snippets: 27 April 2013

What does former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and the recently passed Margaret Thatcher have in common? Conviction. Lots of it. The Samsung Galaxy S4 may look almost similar to the S3 but DisplayMate has something else to say about screen quality. The war on terror does not only affect countries where ‘terrorists are hiding’, some residents in England have endured collateral damage. German football seems to be on the up but ticket prices have stayed put and maybe the English league can learn something from this. Lastly, many people fork out the dough for the best and fastest SD cards. Ensure that this is money well spent, buy a card reader is of matching quality.


#1: Conviction Politicians

Margaret Thatcher’s passing has evoked memories of old where she was a strongly self convicted politician that did not waver when pushing tough economic reforms. Many of these reforms were crucial and controversial. While it did pull the United Kingdom up from a slump, it did so by relegating certain areas such as Liverpool into continual decline. This piece from the Straits Times draws comparisons to Singapore’s former Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew who is also known for his tough, unwavering stance.  [via Singapolitics]


#2: Display Shootout: Galaxy S4 vs S3 vs iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launched bearing what seemed to be a souped up S3 with no real physical changes. DisplayMate begs to differ. In this set of rigorous test conducted by no less than its own president, the renowned company marks the S4 as a gigantic leap in screen display improvement over the S3, at times comparing it favourably to the LCD based iPhone 5. Is this the device that finally brings OLED to parity with good old LCD? [via DisplayMate]


#3: How ‘war on terror’ Affected English Women and Children

The ‘war on terror’ is sometimes best felt at the grounds where attacks against ‘terrorists’ are carried out. There is undoubtedly plenty of collateral damage and the cost benefit analysis is as good as you can guess. However, this article brings the focus to England where women and children of immigrants from the less favoured countries are facing great difficulties in adapting due to this war. [via Aljazeera]


#4: The Bundesliga Strategy of £9 Tickets

The footballing story of this week is undoubtedly the way German football clubs have thrashed their Spanish counterparts. Bayern Munich and Dortmund both recorded stunning large margin wins over usual powerhouses Barcelona and Real Madrid. Germany is getting back on the European footballing map in a big way but how has this affected the fans? Nothing apparently. Unlike the English league where ticket prices have gone through the roof, the German fan pays just 9 pounds. This fan friendly move is paying off. [via The Mirror]


#5: Why SD Card Controllers are Important

SD cards keep growing in both capacity and speed. A high speed SD card is critical for certain uses such as photography. However, such cards are often bottlenecked by their readers. You can often find very cheap SD card or combo readers are single digit prices. However, if you want to make use of the full potential (speed) of your card, you are better off getting something better. Here’s why. [via Tested]

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