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Galaxy phone history, dating in future, sound cards re-emerge

Snippets: 19 April 2013

Snippets: 19 April 2013

Samsung’s Galaxy S3s are all rage and the S4 seems to be on the cards to continue this trend. But how did this all begin? Wearable computing and augmented reality may paint a tantalizing future but this video begs to differ. It is well produced and thought through, very much worth a quick look. Ever asked a geek if you should buy a sound card? You probably got a negative answer. Well, Asus and Creative might change your mind with their latest range of cards. DRM free music files are not free of user identifiable data. You may wish to remove your fingerprints from the music you buy. Lastly, all the times you were forced to take 8 hour naps may have been in vain. That golden rule is squashed.


#1: Samsung Galaxy S Phone History

I never imagined that Samsung would be the forerunner in the smartphone market. While I fully expected Android to take leadership because of its decoupled approach, Samsung was not at the top of my lists of companies to surpass Apple. But it has and you can take a walk down memory’s lane in this feature article. The Samsung Galaxy S looked nothing like an iPhone competitor but that quickly changed with the infamous S2. With the S3, Samsung surged ahead and that looks to stay with the upcoming S4. [via CNet]


#2: Future Dates and Technology

Google Glass specifications have just been released and it looks primed for launch at the end of the year. There are some who believe that this technology will change the world. Well, here is a look at how things might change in a dating scene in the future. It’s a very well made video that shows both sides to this futuristic coin. Definitely worth a watch. [via YouTube]


#3: Sound Cards Matter

No one really recommends a sound card when building a PC. After all, most people are not very particular about sound in the first place to invest in PC speakers of quality. Well, times are changing. New offerings from Asus and Creatives now target audiophiles and the cards are well above the level that on-board audio can provide. You will be able to hear a ton of difference with these cards. [via Tested]


#4: Remove Personal Data from Music Files

When you buy tracks from iTunes and Amazon, your personal data is encoded into the track automatically. Yes, the music files are DRM free but the method of delivery by Apple and Amazon ensures that some level of identifiable information is found on the track. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can easily remove your data from such files. [via Lifehacker]


#5: The Myth of an Eight Hour Sleep

You’ve heard it from everyone. Eight is the magic number and that is the number of hours you need per day for sleep. Some go on to say that you need all these hours in one non interrupted chain. While this report begs to differ. 8 is not the golden rule and you are allowed to sleep in chunks. [via BBC]

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