Snippets: 11 April 2013

Singapore’s baby campaigns, Microsoft hauls Google to EC, perspectives of rape in India

Snippets: 11 April 2013
Snippets: 11 April 2013

Singapore wants more babies, but is it doing it right? Microsoft hauls Google to the European Commission together with 14 other companies for antitrust concerns which is somewhat familiar for the former. Rape in India is a far more complex topic than the media have portrayed it to be. Here’s an in depth look at a problematic social issue. Diablo 3 was partially hurt by the Real Money Auction House. Cue cries of ‘told you so!’ Lastly, here’s how going to the toilet can be made fun and… interactive.


#1: Singapore’s Hunger for Babies

Singapore’s total fertility rate is low and we are very far away from the level required to simply replace what we have now. This editoral takes a critical look at how policies and programmes are executed in this island state. In my opinion, no amount of money or social engineering will reverse the trend. What we are experiencing in Singapore is very natural for a developed country. [via Aljazeera]


#2: Microsoft Hauls Google to the EC

The tables have been turned. Companies, including Google, have in the past dragged Microsoft to court. There were accusations that Windows should not preinstall Internet Explorer so as to allow other browsers to compete. Now, the reverse has occurred. Microsoft and 14 other companies have towed Google to the European Commission demanding that Google does not push its own web services first via Android. Here we go. [via BBC]


#3: Perspectives of Rape in India

Rape in India has always been a known problem. However, it took a well publicized tragedy to bring media hawks to fore. Since then, reports after reports of rape cases in India have been documented mostly when attempts are made on foreigners. The issue is much larger than what the media portrays. This is a very long read but it is well worth the time. [via Tehlka]


#4: Real Money Auction House Hurt Diablo 3

Two things sparked a huge debate in Diablo 3 – an always on requirement and also a real money auction house (RMAH). The ability to buy and sell equipment with money instead of in-game currency was a sore point for serious gamers. Now a lead developer has admitted that D3 was negatively affected by the RMAH. See what Jay Wilson has to say. [via VR-Zone]


#5: Urinal Gaming

Well, this incredible idea that borderlines on ridicule will make going to the toilet a lot more fun for males. While using a urinal, the person is able to play a game that is controlled by the direction of his pee. The side benefit is that this game will encourage users to aim well while enjoying the seconds they spend relieving themselves. I call ridiculous on this. Also, a high score leaderboard would be hilarious. [via MaximumPC]