Snippets: 1 May 2013

Iran’s private internet, online courses ease college burden, science of cyanide

Snippets: 1 May 2013
Snippets: 1 May 2013

Everyone knows the Great Firewall of China but what about Iran’s private internet service? Take a look at how the country manages to keep its internet service even more controlled than its Asian counterpart. Online degree courses are not just for those who did not attend college / university. It may serve to aid its currently enrolled undergraduates.  Cyanide is correctly overused in spy flicks but Skyfall has gotten it all mixed up. Here’s where it got fluffed. Bullet time cinematography is cool but expensive. Now, that’s no longer true. Watch how a few creative youngsters recreate the famous Matrix scene without top end gear. Lastly, watch an amazingly detailed Tokyo scale model come to life by creating your own musical light show.


#1: Inside Iran’s Private Internet

Iran is one of the very few countries that have pulled off an almost private, state controlled internet. The ruling regime has cracked down on any technology that may subvert the control of its private service. This is a fascinating insight to what a private internet is like at lengths that make China’s great firewall look like child’s play.  [via The Verge]


#2: Colleges Adapt Online Courses to Ease Burden

There is an increasing number of online courses that are available online. Some are open to public to increase accessibility to college education, while some are targeted at already enrolled students. Dazzled by the potential of free online college classes, educators are now turning to the gritty task of harnessing online materials to meet the toughest challenges in American higher education: giving more students access to college, and helping them graduate on time. Nearly half of the undergraduates in the U.S. require remedial work and this could be a viable solution. [via New York Times]


#3: The Science of Cyanide in Spy Flicks

Those who watch spy movies such as the popular 007 will be very familiar with cyanide. Instead of facing torture and interrogation (all of which usually lead to the death penalty), spies can bite a cyanide pill to commit suicide. There are many ways in which pills are hidden such as that of a fake tooth. While cyanide is a reliable ‘tool’ for such situations, the latest James Bond film – SkyFall, has made a glaring error in using it. [via Tested]


#4: Homemade Matrix Bullet Time Effect

The first Matrix movie made a huge impact on the movie scene with ‘bullet time cinematography’ catching on quickly. While the original film used a 360 degree array of cameras to capture slow motion split second shots, a home made production has replicated the scene without any fancy setups. Anyone can film in bullet time with a little creativity.  [via YouTube]


#5: Tokyo City Symphony

Tokyo is an interesting city. What tops that is this highly accurate and detailed 1:1000 scale model of Japan’s capital. This is one of the best large scale miniature models ever created and you can play with it too. The creators have projected realistic lighting effects on the model city that can mimic a city-scale lights and sound production. Hit the link to have Tokyo light up to music you create.  [via Toko City Symphony]