Snippets: 9 May 2013

Singapore’s 4G performance, a father’s decision, gaming – then and now

Snippets: 9 May 2013
Snippets: 9 May 2013

Have a look at the 4G performance of each of Singapore’s telecommunications providers before making the leap and sacrificing 9-10GB of monthly data. There are some events in history that have left scars, some have not been told and here is a tragic story of what any father would never want to face. Gaming has change by how much? Leaps and bounds apparently. This comic strip takes a light hearted look at how things have regressed. Transformers made a great TV series but also ensured that toy makers had a tough time creating two toys in one. Have a look at how it is done. Finally, do not simply use mind maps, make things easy by utilizing the right tools.


#1: Singapore’s 4G Performance

4G, the latest and greatest mobile broadband / data internet connection, has been rolled out in Singapore for over a year. Yours truly has not jumped on board. Is it the right time to give 4G a spin? Here are real world results tested by an independent panel on Singtel, M1 and Starhub. You should check the results of locations you will often be located at to see if 4G is ready for you.  [via Hardwarezone]


#2: A Father’s Decision

This is a gripping interview of a Sikh father who had to perform an unthinkable deed not once but twenty six times. He was bound by duty to carry it out and his son, now 82, recalls the horror that the Sikh community went through in Delhi after Indira Gandhi’s assassination in 1984. He himself endured prison sentence after his village was surrounded and taken over by force. A shocking account. [via Open – The Magazine]


#3: Gaming – Then & Now

How much has gaming changed? A lot apparently if you compare a gap of 20 to 30 years in between. We have undergone two to three generations of gamers and the changes are drastic. This comic strip is a good look at how things have changed and how ridiculous some of them have been. [via Dorkly]


#4: Transformers Come to Life

Transformers took off and became an instant hit with a mostly male audience with its focus on vehicles that could morph into robots. Talk about a perfect mix. Just like any successful cartoon, the next step is to merchandise the series, the focus of which were toys. Herein lies the difficulty. How do you make a transformable toy in real life? Read on to find out how they are made.  [via Gizmodo]


#5: Five Best Mind Mapping Tools

Mind mapping is not a new concept. In fact, I recall being introduced to it about 13 years ago when it was then considered a ‘cutting edge’ tool for students. Mind mapping can be challenging when you do it manually. You need to have a very clear idea of how you want it to turn out, or you risk having insufficient space which will lead to arrows going all over the page. Do yourself a favour, make life easy by using any of these tools.  [via Lifehacker]