The G700s stay true to its previous winning formula.

Review: Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

The G700s stay true to its previous winning formula.
The G700s stay true to its previous winning formula.

The Logitech G series represents the Logitech’s take on gaming products and also forms their top of the line premium category. In many ways, ‘gaming grade’ equipment is to electronic equipment what ‘military grade’ is to industrial machinery. The G700s comes from a long line of gaming mice that dates back to the G5, G7 and G9 mice that later spawned the G500, G700 and G9x. Logitech decided that it did not need to make drastic changes in the latest update. This could be seen right from the way they branded their lineup for 2013. The G700s is Logitech’s rechargeable gaming mice that allows both wireless and wired functionality. It retails at S$135.




The Logitech G700s barely differs from the G700 but that is a good thing. With the G700s, Logitech has crafted a mouse that fits comfortably with hands of varying sizes. This is due to the curvature and button placement that makes the mouse accessible. Left handers would however be disappointed to note that this mouse is definitely not ambidextrous.


Button placement is spot on, you will not have difficulty finding any key.


The G700’s main strength is in allowing the user to make full use of all 13 programmable buttons naturally without requiring much time to settle in like the G600 or Razer’s Naga. Button placement is spot on with 4 thumb buttons and three placed on the edge of the left mouse button. You will not have difficulty finding any key or even accidentally hit the wrong button.  This is especially important when gaming because much of the mouse becomes is left to muscle memory and you do not want to spend time locating keys mid game. The G700s does not feature as many programmable keys as the G600 but the keys provided are sufficient and better placed than the G600.

The biggest difference between the G700s and its predecessor is the surface of the mouse. I am not a fan of the new design as I prefer my equipment to look simple. However, the new surface feels better on the palm and you will not feel as if the surface of the mouse will peel anytime soon. A one week tryout is insufficient time to properly judge the new surface but it is definitely felt better than my G700.


The biggest difference between the G700s and its predecessor is the surface of the mouse.


As mentioned above, the G700s also shines in being able to act as a wired or wireless mouse. Logitech guarantees that the report rate of either option is the same. Leaving your G700s plugged in also allows charging while the mouse is in use. There is no downtime nor is it necessary to prepare standby batteries. Better still, you can go wireless when you need the mobility or wired when you need ity. In all test conditions, the G700s functions flawlessly when paired wirelessly.

The G700s is a solidly built piece of hardware that feels like an improvement over the G700 physically. However, I wish Logitech would have gone for a more classy design on the surface of the mouse.




LGS - You can make your mouse do nearly everything.
LGS – You can make your mouse do nearly everything.

Just like all Logitech G Series products, the G700s utilizes the Logitech Gaming Software. This review is done based on LGS 8.46.27. You are able to programme almost anything and everything onto the mouse:

  • Keystroke: Assign a single keystroke. You can set delay and repeat options.
  • Multi Key: Record and assign multiple keystrokes, basically macros. Again, you can set delay and repeat options.
  • Text Block: Enter a block of text that will be instantly typed out when you hit the assigned button. While you can do this in a macro, this method is more refined and not prone to hiccups. Repeat options also available.
  • Mouse Functions: Assign the following functions to any key. Left click, Right click, Middle Click, Back, Forward, Double click, DPI up, DPI down, DPI Shift, Default DPI, DPI cycling, Mode switch, G shift.
  • Media: Assign the following media commands. Play/pause, Stop, Previous, Next, Volume up, Volume down, Mute
  • Hotkeys: Assign the following commands. Close window, Show desktop, Next tab in browser, Previous tab in browser, Restore default zoom, Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, Redo, Open charms (Win 8), Search charm (Win 8), App bar (Win 8).
  • Shortcut: Create a shortcut to any local or network applications, files, folders, computers or URLs.
  • Function: Assign predefined shortcuts. Email, Web browser, Media player, Calculator, My computer.
  • Ventrilo: Assign the following native ventrilo commands. Command 1, 2, 3, Mute/unmute sound, Mute/unmute microphone, Push to talk.

You are also able to set multiple DPI levels so that you can switch between them in game. Also, the report rate can be set. Higher report rates will see more sensitive performance at the cost of power consumption. You can also pick the power saving mode or simply set it at ‘Max Gaming’ to never have the mouse got to sleep.

The LGS has every corner covered and you will be hard pressed to find something that the G700s is not able to do.




The G700s is a solid mouse that provides a balance between function and form. If you are looking for a mouse that gives you a good range of programmable options together with the ability to switch between wired and wireless connectivity, the G700s will fit you perfectly. Those who already have a G700 should try out the new surface to see if it is worth the upgrade.

Logitech has played it safe with the G700s and the move seems to be a sound one. The G700s will not have G700 users scrambling to upgrade but it will appeal greatly to those who want a lot of features and flexibility with their current mouse.


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