Actually, change is here.

Transition and Plans

Actually, change is here.
Actually, change is here.

The last time I wrote about a transition was in 2009. I was finishing up my relatively long temp job before starting on my Economics journey at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Time flies. Four years have passed and here I am at yet another transition. The time lapse between this transition and the next will possibly be 30-40 years. This is working life. This will span most of my adulthood.



The Education Journey Ends

It is rather exciting for me. I have consistently done better at work than at school. Exams are not my cup of tea and I feel very fortunate to have been able to complete my honours unscathed. I really dislike exams. I love projects, presentations, etc. But to be cooped up at a desk to solve a couple of problems within an hour or two is not my cup of tea.

I think things gradually got better looking at the PSLE right up to exams at the university level. PSLE was a nightmare even though I was coasting along in Primary School. ‘O’ levels was again another nightmare. ‘A’ levels was a change in fortunes and university exams were a lot better than the former ‘big’ exams.

Again, I am glad that is over, thankful that I survived the Singapore education system. I spent a full 17 years in it. I will don my (incredibly weird looking) academic dress in July. Toss that square shaped hat and end it on a high note. It is a blessing that a non academically inclined person like me barely deserves.




I have begun my permanent job. I went through a couple of interviews that spanned quite a period of time before landing the job I wanted before my examinations were over.  The first few days have been a blast. I have never enjoyed myself so much at work which is something considering that my past working experiences have been really enjoyable.

My new colleagues are afraid that I will be overwhelmed but things have gone swimmingly. I hope to be a fully productive member in the shortest time possible. It’s all about efficiency and being productive. Heck, that is why I am trained as an economist.



This Blog

It is no secret that I love to write. I was starved of that during the 4 years at NUS and I turned to writing on this very blog. I am glad that I will get plenty of writing time in my new job as a research analyst.

There will be implications for this blog as well. I think I will keep this blog updated but not as frequently as before. I still follow technology and football very closely and will write a post or two every week.



Other Developments

There are other important developments that will take place soon now that I have the burden of education off my back. Some of these will be revealed in the coming weeks. Some of these have been a long time coming.

It is a mixture of relief, joy, freedom and excitement. Stay tuned!