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Illegal Prostitution: Contextual Supply & Demand

Singaporeans have busied themselves with two pieces of news this week. Our MRT has been breaking down in comical fashion coinciding with the ongoing inquiry. And 44 men got hauled up for doing the same girl who

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Kickstarter Can Change the World

If you haven't heard about Kickstarter you should go look it up right now. It is a revolutionary idea that cuts red tape and eliminates the dreaded middleman. Kickstarter still remains as a crowd sourcing

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Education Part 3: This Is How You Do It

Singaporeans like bashing PRCs. You can't blame them, they feel threatened, encroached and powerless. It must also be stated that any foreigner, whether be it Chinese citizens entering Singaporean land or vice versa, must take

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Education: More Skill Based, Less Academics

This is a short addition to an earlier post I had regarding the cost of education. Most of my points were aimed at academic education. Now, it is puzzling to many when 'academic' and 'education'

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Insurance: A New Tactic?

We're familiar with high profile types of insurance coverage. Death, loss of limbs, loss of senses, big scary things. Those bang on the fact that a low percentage of people would meet unfortunate accidents. That's

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Tinfoil Economics – Opportunity Uganda

First up this is a purely uninformed post. Usually I go in depth to hunt down my sources and making sure what I say is accurate. But today, I'm dead out and I have one

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Post People’s Association – Budget 2012

I managed to drag my half lifeless body on an early Saturday morning down to Jalan Besar where the People's Association Headquarters is at. The program mainly targeted 16 year olds right up to university

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The Economic Cost of Education

Degrees for Everyone! Anyone! Asian culture recognizes education as a fundamental cog in a well oiled family, community and economy. It is no surprise that Asians are climbing very quickly up the education ladder now

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‘The New iPad’ – Innovation hits Saturation

The last few Apple keynotes were pretty exciting. Again, I am no Apple fan. But post Jobs, the key notes have been a tad less interesting. Even the fan boys agree. One must give Apple

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Questioning Budget 2012

This year's budget focuses on everything a first world country does. As much as Obama placed great emphasis on a social safety net, we are looking towards the same direction tip toeing between hand holding

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