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SimCity: More than just a refresh.

SimCity Review: A Newbie’s Perspective

[caption id="attachment_4103" align="aligncenter" width="615"] SimCity: More than just a refresh.[/caption] I've never taken to simulation games besides a single flight simulator (Sierra's Red Baron) and Theme Hospital. I tried playing SimCity a little but it

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FIFA 99 to FIFA13: Much has changed.

FIFA 13: The Return from ’99

FIFA is a great game to kill 15 minutes of free time. I first picked it up in 1999 (when Bergkamp was on the box). Played almost every revision until 2009 when I had time

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Age of Empires: Online – Refreshingly Familiar

Age of Empires: Online (AoE:O) has been out for a year. I was invited for the beta test and frankly the game initially put me off because there seemed to be so many hurdles to

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Diablo 3: A Newbie’s Impressions

Never played D1 never played D2. They seemed really dark games. Too dark for my liking when I was in early Secondary school days. As you might have read before, I entered the world of

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Big Titles Await Release

Diablo 3 - Launching 15 May [caption id="attachment_615" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="D3 - Dark yet Colorful"][/caption] I'm looking forward to 3 games this year. The first being Diablo 3. I have zero experience in the Diablo

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Defense Grid – Tower Defense Bliss

I never thought that I would embrace tower defense games. I didn't quite get the genre when it first came about but it did intrigue me enough to pick up a copy of Defense Grid

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Ideas to Improve WoW’s End Game PVP

I stepped back into WoW last afternoon to clear my conquest points for the week. I run a warrior rogue combination just for points. There's no real benefit to this combination except we either kill

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Torchlight was billed as being created by the people who made Diablo 1 and 2. That made no difference to me, I never played either and have no idea how the RPG system works. I

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For The Horde!

In an earlier post I mentioned we went from Kilrogg to Barthilas. Basically because it is a huge server and secondly its Oceanic so it would be easier to get players. Wider pool more hope

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WoW Update – Reason Why This Blog Died

So I've kind of stopped blogging for a good bit and basically that's because I took a heavy third responsibility - Warcraft Raiding. It's an end to an expansion I looked forward to fully immersing

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The Death of WAR

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="468" caption="A Weary Greenskin - So is the man behind the toon"][/caption] I unofficially left Warhammer Online: The Age of Reckoning early in February due to work and other perusals. Handing over

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Warhammer – Lost Vale Main Tanking (Chosen POV)

I loved main tanking in WoW, and expected to do the same in WAR. My group was kind enough to allow me to Main Tank even though I was probably the last core tank of

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Warhammer – PVE Focus

I've been at work all day today on a new site for an exciting youth startup of which I will be part of. Everytime I sit down and design or build sites, my mind wanders

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Of Stunties and Ravens

The journey in Warhammer Online began a few months back and in the midst of levelling and playing I can safely say I won't ever return to World Of Warcraft because PVP or RVR is

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The World Once Lived (Part III)

Characters I won't forget in WoW: Zorkman - Good guy with a good heart but unfortunately a little to soft for a guild wanting to go hardcore. You don't judge a man by his WoW

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The World Once Lived (Part II)

So I got guilded. I had this extra line under my name that said <Temp├ęst>. A guild brings a sense of belonging and for me I immediately told the Guild Manager (GM) that I wanted

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The World Once Lived (Part I)

"Oh no you play WoW" Yes I did. Yes I enjoyed it. Yes call me a freak, a geek, a no-lifer, etc. Do your bidding as I do mine. If you don't like WoW, this

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