Chester Bennington - 1976 to 2017

Thank You Chester

I didn’t expect the abrupt end to Linkin Park’s lead vocalist Chester Bennington’s life to affect me. But it did and I was brought to recognise a part of me that I was and probably still am not comfortable with. My music preferences lean towards a more classical genre, shaped by my dad’s daily indulgence …

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Actually, change is here.

Transition and Plans

The last time I wrote about a transition was in 2009. I was finishing up my relatively long temp job before starting on my Economics journey at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Time flies. Four years have passed and here I am at yet another transition. The time lapse between this transition and the …

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What it looks like when I write.

A Quick Update

The past few weeks have been busy yet rather exciting weeks for me. Here is a quick update. This year the site has moved from a ‘once every two days’ schedule to a daily update. There is always so much to write and share and I hope the posts have been interesting and enjoyable. My …

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A Hectic Update

Studies It’s been a long while since I last blogged. Things have heated up in school pretty much. I have at this point completed 2 projects 1 term paper 5 tests 1 debate and am facing another 3 tests this coming week (and yes, 1 project as well). There are still more tests, projects and …

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Adjusting to School

It has been 2 weeks of lectures in NUS. And more or less I’ve gotten used to the routine of rushing in between lectures, revising and preparing for them, maximizing free time in between at the library and facing a continual bombardment of adverts on the walkways, in lectures and in my email. A run …

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