Apple needs to regain momentum in 2013

The Year Ahead: Apple

Apple did not enjoy usual warm coverage by the press this year with more negative pieces being churned out against what is usually the tech media’s darling. There’s no denying that Apple is maturing or as some would have you believe – already matured. The biggest question in mind is – what can Apple do …

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Microsoft: The new look needs refinement.

The Year Ahead: Microsoft

2012 was a huge year for Microsoft. Huge in terms of product launches and changes in directions. It was a year in which Microsoft threw everything they had and completely revamped the company. Windows went all touch based. ARM was embraced. Old web services made way for unified new ones. Office became a subscription service. …

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Whatever the future, we need to be naturally connected to everybody.

Technology’s Future

This week’s CES, the rumblings about the direction of Google vs. Microsoft and the already beaten to death topic of Apple vs. Samsung has reignited some thoughts of technology and its general direction. There are many people who portray the future differently. Some will have you believe that we will have flying cars or maybe …

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The T400 comes in Black or Turquoise as well.

Review: Logitech T400

The Logitech T400 is the third of 3 pointing devices launched for the touch friendly Windows 8. I have reviewed the T650 and T620 previously. While the T650 has been the best experience so far, it requires users who are more used to a mouse form factor to use a touchpad. The T400 is on …

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