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Blog Category: Values

Advice – Not For / By Everyone

Don't you love telling others what you think? Some take it a step further and want to impress their views upon others. Some go to the extreme and stop at nothing until others believe in

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Never Ending Search for Stability

Isn't that why you worry? Worry about tomorrow, the next week, following month, next year, next stage of your life, etc. After living more than 2 decades on this earth, the one thing I'll probably

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End Goal

Man they must have chanted the words "Keep the end goal in mind" non stop since schools started getting inspirational speakers and various "guru"s who tell you everything from how to run your life to

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What is Your Value?

Everyone wants to be great. Or at least special, different, unique, etc. Most people want to hold the aforementioned qualities in a positive manner. There some twisted exceptions around but lets pretend that they are

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Emotionless Logic

You have always two paths in life. Emotion or Logic. Sometimes called Heart or Brain. As always, we call for balance. As always, we usually fail at balancing. So which path does one generally fall

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