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Chester Bennington - 1976 to 2017

Thank You Chester

I didn't expect the abrupt end to Linkin Park's lead vocalist Chester Bennington's life to affect me. But it did and I was brought to recognise a part of me that I was and probably

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WWDC 2013: Apple takes careful steps forward.

WWDC 2013: Apple Treads Carefully Amidst Change

[caption id="attachment_5295" align="aligncenter" width="615"] WWDC 2013: Apple takes cautious steps forward.[/caption] I eagerly anticipated WWDC 2013 because Apple really needed something new to lift an image that is fast becoming stale.  I think Apple largely

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From left the right: UE 4000, UE 6000, UE 9000

Review Roundup: Logitech Ultimate Ears Headphones

[caption id="attachment_5051" align="aligncenter" width="615"] Logitech's Finest: The UE 4000, UE 6000, UE 9000[/caption] The Logitech Ultimate Ears headphones comprises a family of 3 variations - the UE 4000, UE 6000 and UE 9000. The Logitech UE promise

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Snippets: 1 March 2013

Facebook privacy tips, read final tweets before death, it’s time to learn coding

[caption id="attachment_3970" align="aligncenter" width="615"] Snippets: 1 March 2013[/caption] Facebook is a privacy nightmare and here is how you can deal with it. Final words are probably the last memories you have of an individual, how

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