The TV Cam HD is a self contained Skype device for your TV.

Review: Logitech TV Cam HD

Logitech has long been proponents of video conferencing. This is usually done either through a webcam that you plug into your desktop or a front facing camera found on most laptops, tablets and smartphones. Logitech takes a different approach with the TV Cam HD. This device is built purely for any television sets or screens

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The T400 comes in Black or Turquoise as well.

Review: Logitech T400

The Logitech T400 is the third of 3 pointing devices launched for the touch friendly Windows 8. I have reviewed the T650 and T620 previously. While the T650 has been the best experience so far, it requires users who are more used to a mouse form factor to use a touchpad. The T400 is on

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