Unlocking the One X: The point of no return. (Credit: mobilesyrup)

Rooting my HTC One X

I finally did it. My warranty is due in a week and it was time to try something new with my close-to-a-year-old phone. As I mentioned in an update a few days back, my HTC One X began facing reduced battery life after the Jellybean update. Also, many at XDA were encouraging users to root

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Groupon: Needs a rethink.

Why Groupon is Flawed

Groupon’s stock plunged after news of a poor earnings call. After a 25% plunge, the sacking of Andrew Mason leveled things off a little but questions should be asked of its business model. Groupon is essentially a middle man with a crowd sourcing flavor. Instead of individual companies running their own discounts, they aggregate and bring it

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The TV Cam HD is a self contained Skype device for your TV.

Review: Logitech TV Cam HD

Logitech has long been proponents of video conferencing. This is usually done either through a webcam that you plug into your desktop or a front facing camera found on most laptops, tablets and smartphones. Logitech takes a different approach with the TV Cam HD. This device is built purely for any television sets or screens

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The longest lived intermediary conduit will inevitably fall. (Credit: Madiba127 on DeviantArt)

The Inevitable Fall of Nations

For thousands of years, nations were important building blocks of civilizations. As human beings, we found the need to cooperate and work with one another. We built societies, grouped people together for some mutually beneficial gain. May it be fishing villages or tiny states, we lumped together for necessity. Safety in numbers, prosperity through cooperation and basically economies

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