Chester Bennington - 1976 to 2017

Thank You Chester

I didn’t expect the abrupt end to Linkin Park’s lead vocalist Chester Bennington’s life to affect me. But it did and I was brought to recognise a part of me that I was and probably still am not comfortable with. My music preferences lean towards a more classical genre, shaped by my dad’s daily indulgence […]

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The longest lived intermediary conduit will inevitably fall. (Credit: Madiba127 on DeviantArt)

The Inevitable Fall of Nations

For thousands of years, nations were important building blocks of civilizations. As human beings, we found the need to cooperate and work with one another. We built societies, grouped people together for some mutually beneficial gain. May it be fishing villages or tiny states, we lumped together for necessity. Safety in numbers, prosperity through cooperation and basically economies

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Kong Hee – A Christian’s POV

This post is on religion which is a very subjective. Everyone interpretes religion differently. You see that in the vast numbers of religions, the vast denominations within religions (e.g. Methodist, Protestants, etc for Christians and Sunni, Aqidah, etc for Muslims). Within denominations there are differences between places of worship. And within places of worship, differences between members.

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This state of nirvana is hard to attain yet everyone craves for it and do countless things to achieve it. Some believe that a financial windfall would trigger this out-of-the-world feeling, some even look to pills to feel light and happy. But what really fills a person with joy is a complete heart. One that

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How Far Would You Bend?

How much would you accept and take after? There are only two options out of this. Accomodate or influence. That’s what things are. Life is a continual struggle between influences. Even though we might fool ourselves to believe that it is possible for both parities to stand their ground, the intial outlay will cause little

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